About Us

Welcome to TCP (The Chennai Publications) Group

The Chennai Publications is a Group of small-scale business that we offer to all of our stake holders. The Chennai Publications started its services in the year 2009 in the market of Yellow Pages & White Pages. We printed multiple volumes on the same industry since 2009 and received a valuable feedback from the customers.

The Chennai Publications is a Group of small scale business that we offer different digital marketing tools to all of our stake holders. The Chennai Publications started its services in the year 2009 in the market of specific objective to function and contribute within the Publisher of Telephone Directory combined with yellow pages, as the listing of all major service providers. The Chennai Publications (TCP) prints its directory yearly once since 2009. Our goal is to reach the right information to the right people through electronically.

Now we are in process of starting each of our services digitally and our goal is to reach each stakeholder digitally.

What TCP does?

To become a credible producer of world-class service with high standards of service.

As a Group of The Chennai Publications (TCP), we operate the below key Services.

Online Website Services

BULK SMS Services

Weekly Online / Printed Town Talk magazines

Online Yellow Pages / White Pages

How TCP does?

Online Website Services:

We Publish your advertisement details in our website, which is a SEO Optimized and easily searched from Google. Also, we Promote your advertisement in our online websites which will be indexed by Google Search easily. We have been operating our site from couple of years and out site is already indexed well in the Search engines.

BULK SMS Services:

TCP offers different type of packages that the stake holder can opt and get the bulk SMS options, with this we promote your business via TEXT messages to our stake holders. This will take your advertisement details to the customer directly.

Weekly Online / Printed Town Talk magazines:

TCP publish / prints magazine with all the local marketing advertisements on weekly basis and circulate them to the respective local areas, so customer can easily find-out their needs and we promote the stakeholder business through this service.

Online Yellow Pages / White Pages:

Apart from the online website advertisement, we also publish banners, panels on our website based on the different packages that we offer. Also, we promote the business in our Top listings so that it shows your banner on top and the first.


How you benefit from TCP?

Based on the type of service you choose from TCP Group; we deliver the service to our stake holders. Your classified / advertisement will be published in our Online Portal & Published through digitally and send out TEXT messages to our listed customers so that your business will reach to the end customer through us without your effort. We approach our customers and promote your business in the form of any above service, this will publish stake holder’s business quickly to the local locations or wide locations.



We work… You Benefit... !!!


Thank you,

TCP Group